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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)

In this video that I put, is about an example of what I have been able to invest for the Randy & Manilla project after having obtained the funds from the Indiegogo campaign. It shows that I have put certain changes in the details, textures, dialogs & and even Manilla and E-Mailer can move their heads to see Randy. In addition, for the first time, the Randy's second Power-Up is shown (a giant holographic fists able to break the brick blocks).

*However, despite all these improvements obtained after the campaign, it seems that don't even manage to raise more attention (Or least in YouTube & Twitter), or they don't convince at all (Only time will tell). Money is not magic, but access certain things.

*P.D.: I think what I wrote in this part was just an instinct of my impatience.
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