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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
During these days I have been finding for someone to try the game in its alpha version, and in the end I got it, a user named Fujinai Channel he kindly made my petition to make a gameplay of the game in which I'm developing:

After watching your gameplay, I realized the main problem when going through the selectable Net-Cubes, and it is the lack of signaling to go towards them, since only for the color and the letters weren't sufficient identity, so I put the next solution:

[Image: randy-manilla-net-cube-routes_orig.png]

In this screenshot a series of interconnected routes are shown that indicate the ship where the selectable Net-Cubes of the game are located (since only with the color and the title aren't enough), With this method, players can be guided with greater access to the selectables Net-Cubes, and avoid getting lost or making mistakes when touch with a generic Net-Cube on most occasions. In addition to that the controls of the ship have been polished a bit for the next version.

in addition to other things that I have put to give a little more detail:

[Image: 20191202-111348_orig.gif]

[Image: 20191202-113004_orig.gif]

[Image: venny-loopsuit-s-car-r-m_orig.png]

With these examples and with so much going from campaign to campaign, it almost made me forget that for simple things I'm perfectly capable, all I need is to have a little imagination, but for complicated parts (music, very complex scripts, cutscenes or 3D characters), I will always need help to develop it.
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