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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
You can try again on Kickstarter as well. The failed campaign will remain, but there's nothing to say you can't make another campaign for the same thing. The thing to do would be have a lower funding goal, and then stretch goals so you can offer more if you get however much beyond your goal. It's not like less than €100,000 would be no use to you, and there's no limit to how far beyond the goal funding can go. I think it's no use aiming sky high with the "all or nothing" system in place.

Obviously later on you may have more stuff to show, such as a video, which will always be helpful, and you could revise the rewards, such as having a copy of the final release being a reward, not just the alpha or beta! If adding physical rewards, be cautious with the production and shipping costs, since it's easy to not account for something and break even, or even worse make a loss.

Since what you have here seems to be a one-man project (unless I've got the wrong idea), I'd use Demetrios as inspiration. Funded on Kickstarter, released on many platforms, made by one guy (except some translations/music) who was previously completely unknown:
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