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$30 for coatless Dante From DMC3
Hmmmm... Thanks for the info.

I am willing to rig it myself (50% the reason why I wanted Coatless Dante... I haven't gotten into rigging clothing. The other 50% is not wanting to animate clothing.), but I also wanted to know if it's that much harder (or impossible) to rip the model in dae, so I can skip the joints and deal with any weights issue, and/or control rig.

I tried to rip it myself, but uMod really doesn't wanna work for me at all, so I really don't know how hard it is to rip in a specific format. At this point, I would even pay the same amount just for anyone to help me figure out what the hell am I doing wrong in uMod.
Regardless, I just want Dante.

Thanks for the reply, brudda.
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