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Mario Tennis Aces Boo Model (Help Needed)
(09-02-2019, 03:02 PM)ninetalescommander Wrote: I'm gonna get straight to the point; I have absolutely no idea where I stand with this 1. Either the programs I'm using are not ripping the model correctly or I'm doing something wrong.
When I loaded up Boo's Mario Tennis Aces model in Blender, I noticed he has this texture that goes over his mouth. I reached the conclusion that this is likely for making his mouth open and close as seen in his animations in-game.
The problem is; I have no idea what exactly I'm meant to be doing with it so I've taken some screenshots and will share them via the Imgur Link below. If anyone knows what I'm meant to be doing please let me know.

(01-19-2020, 11:24 AM)ninetalescommander Wrote: Totally forgot this thread existed lol
To be honest; I eventually gave up trying to work out the Boo Model mainly because Boo is already a very common enemy in Mario Games and as such there's already tons of Boo models out there.
Obviously anyone is free to have a crack at it but for me, I didn't see the point going to all the trouble for a garden-variety enemy.
For the Boo, yes. But for other Minions, like the Pyro Guy, Toady's Super Mario Party model, Raven Chick, Slime Drop, Ball De Voux Shot Type, Kyuun B, Flyer, Petal Guy, all Wario World enemies, and many more like Skelebat and SLW Badnik models, there is a point. To show some more diversity in a site that could go bigger and better until it becomes the cream of the crop in video game model sites. Show this reply to others so they can have their voices heard...for the Masses who want to see them! (FlyerBall De Voux Shot TypeKyuun B, and Ruinsman, among others like Ape Stone)

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