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Mario Tennis Aces Boo Model (Help Needed)
I'm gonna get straight to the point; I have absolutely no idea where I stand with this 1. Either the programs I'm using are not ripping the model correctly or I'm doing something wrong.
When I loaded up Boo's Mario Tennis Aces model in Blender, I noticed he has this texture that goes over his mouth. I reached the conclusion that this is likely for making his mouth open and close as seen in his animations in-game.
The problem is; I have no idea what exactly I'm meant to be doing with it so I've taken some screenshots and will share them via the Imgur Link below. If anyone knows what I'm meant to be doing please let me know.
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Mario Tennis Aces Boo Model (Help Needed) - by ninetalescommander - 09-02-2019, 03:02 PM

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