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Pokemon Battle Revolution Trainers
If you want that model I'd be happy to try to take a look at the game again. I already have the default male/ female fully rigged.  Unlike, pkmn colosseum where codes can be used to swap models in battle for rse/ dp models. There may be cheat codes to unlock everything to rip the model and, rig the models with physics and facials, 

[Image: 1508899341.sotamusara_untitled.png]

(05-23-2019, 02:03 PM)The Prawn Wrote: Not sure if this is rippable or not, but there seems to be a model of Dawn and Lucas in their Platinum outfits as seen in VGC Nationals 2009.

[Image: srXM8NR.jpg]

Footage of both of them in action:

I suspect they were either included in an update, or remained unused for a while or something. Just something I thought I'd point out while searching Google. Starry Eyes

EDIT: Hey Turk, are you on discord, or something? I'd like to keep in touch with you there, for the sake of being up to date on this and such.
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