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Hunt the Wumpus [My First Completed Game]
Ever heard of the legacy game Hunt the Wumpus? Well, I made this basic little remake game for a C# competition I miraculously managed to win. It has some flaws, but it was made in about a two weeks at 45 min. per day. The art was supplied by the competition. Oh, I also forgot to rename the Form1 to "Hunt the Wumpus". Realized that after publishing.

[Image: screenshotln8.png]

-Click an adjecent black button to enter the room(You are white).
-If you are next to a pit, your room will be slimy.
-If you are next to the legendary Wumpus, your room is bloody.
-Your room can be both.
-Giant Bats will drop you in a random safe room if disturbed, then fly back to their original room.
-If you are confident that you can kill the wumpus, click "Fire Arrow" then the adjecent room you believe the Wumpus is in(If you are wrong the Wumpus eats you).
-If you enter the Wumpus' room or the Pit's room, you die(Death from a pit will spawn a second window of the application, minor bug).

And withouth further ado, the Game(or rather, link to mediafire):

BTW: Click on "Hunt the Wumpus" in the zip, not setup. You also need the Microsoft.NET framework 3.5(Which is all the rage in programming). If you don't have it, it will offer you the chance to download it.
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Srsly, is it that bad? I need crits!
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typically most people won't even bother to download games unless there are screen shots in the beginning post.
[Image: IGBanner.png]
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'Doh! Sorry about that! [Image: screenshotln8.png]
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kinda looks like Four mens morris
[Image: oaaxxk.jpg]
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Pretty simple but fun, the type of thing I'd play for a long download Smile
I guess you could make the "Current Room" sprite bigger and more pleasing to the eye, and you could make the map look interesting if it was a nice pixelised background Smile
[Image: x1aIZ2e.gif]
[Image: shrine.gif]

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