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Why is Zelda's Adventure often overlooked?
(07-03-2018, 05:00 PM)titleknown Wrote: Honestly, main thing I wonder is if the miniatures they used for the monsters are still around. Namely because I'd love to see those 3d scanned into 3d models people can use!

Well, in my opinion there are five likely things that could have happened to them: (1) they were destroyed or tossed when the game was completed (2) a collector or former employee has them (3) they were given to Nintendo or Philips upon the games completion for either legal reasons, or to use in future projects (4) someone else has them, but either doesn't know what they have, or doesn't want to share the fact they have them or (5) they got lost at some point in storage or something.

(07-02-2018, 08:48 PM)Xamad Wrote: Thought you had written "Why is Link's Adventure overlooked" and was about to talk about that one. But for Zelda's Adventure I'd probably echo the other sentiments in this thread. The visual style of the other two, as awful as it was, was at least... unique and memorable in its own twisted ways. The voiceovers were also pretty distinct(ly awful), like surfer Link. Zelda's Adventure's realistic graphics don't look as terrible, but that's both to the benefit and detriment of the game. It doesn't hurt to look at as much, but it's not unique enough to be memorable. And I imagine most people only know the CD-i games from graphical parts anyhow, so if Zelda's Adventure didn't stand out, it wasn't gonna be remembered I guess.

I kind of agree, but digitized sprites, could be considered unique for a Zelda game.
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