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Why is Zelda's Adventure often overlooked?
(04-25-2018, 01:02 PM)Kendotlibero Wrote: CDI zelda is mediocre at best a unresposive nighmare with cluncky controls, annoying mechanics and boring levels.
It is a bad game from every point of view, without talking about cutscenes

I still think that the CD-i should have better emulation. You know, more accurate emulation, better controls (not just mouse controls), support for more games, etc. The CD-i had good games, and the concept of the CD-i was actually something people wanted, until they actually got it. Most people claim that the CD-i and Amiga CDTV (or the concept of multimedia all in one devices) was something that even at the time made no sense, but again it something that people really wanted, but up until these devices were made. Again, companies like Philips and Commodore were making these devices because people ask for them, but when the devices were made, people changed their minds. It wasn't at the fault of these companies (Philips and Commodore), who made exactly what people ask for, but really people asking for something they didn't really want to spend money on.

Now as for the Nintendo CD-i games, they were a result of Philips having the license to certain Nintendo characters. Philips themselves didn't make those games, instead the games were pitched to Philips who sub-licensed them for the CD-i. I believe Nintendo also approved them in some way too. The only reasons I can see for the cutscenes in these games, were (1) to capitalize on the  then still popular FMV format (2) to show the storage advantages of the CD format vs the cartridge format and (3) to use more space on the CD. Again, the CD-i had good games, and was capable of more, but I'm pretty sure the developers of the Nintendo CD-i games were usually looking to make a quick buck with the Zelda and Mario characters, and didn't care about quality. The 2 exceptions I can think of were the cancelled CD-i game Super Mario Wacky Worlds (where the assets looked good, but the game itself was only in alpha stage) and the released game Zelda's Adventure (which had a much smaller budget than Hotel Mario; Link the Faces of Evil; and Zelda Wand of Gamelon, and attempted to make a more traditional Zelda game [with live action cutscenes and digitized graphics], but due to the smaller budget, the skill of the team, time restraints, or a combinations of the three the game itself didn't turn out good).
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