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Why is Zelda's Adventure often overlooked?
I think you explained it yourself why it is overlooked. Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: Wand of Gamelon and Hotel Mario all have those cutscenes even though the games themselves are just average, maybe good in terms of Hotel Mario if it was on a different console, after all the CD-i did have limitations since it wasn't really designed as a console.

Zelda's Adventure from what little I know just isn't exciting enough to be shown to a young crowd. They can't really mock the cutscenes as easily because it is easier to mock animation rather than dry acting. From the footage shown it looks like one of those typical German made games of the era where they used digitalized sprites however a lot more basic than those. Those types of games have a small fanbase but mostly not outside of Germany. Also again from little I know the game is glitchy but more of an annoying type of glitchyness rather than the type that you can laugh at.

Thinking about it most of the CD-i library is actually overlooked such as a decent port of Micro Machines or The Apprentice that is considered by the people who played it the best game on the system. It could also be down to emulation not being good enough to emulate the system because it isn't exactly as easy to emulate a device that is pretty much a glorified video player. Zelda's Adventure is one of those games that doesn't work properly in emulation while the other Nintendo based ones were some of the earliest to work. Plus the system itself isn't exactly easy to get these days and many of them have gone faulty over the years.
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