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Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (fangame, co-programmer wanted wanted)
Due to your lack of people's enthusiasm and support towards to vanilla BGE and Crash N. Eurosis in its recent form, I’ve started to port this fangame into Godot.
[Image: 59bf2cbb318a753f8e60b4caab060ab988bafca0.png]

It’s not a total rollback in terms of assets, but codes have to be redone - which is claimed to be easier in Godot than in other engines, even easier than BGE’s logic bricks, but that isn’t sure just yet - and some materials have to be retooled.

Assumingly there are no Godot experts here, but I assume there are designers, modelers and texturists that use Blender. If that's so, and you're willing to design several elements for this fangame, reply, PM me or contact via
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