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Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (fangame, co-programmer wanted wanted)
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Screenshots of the first savannah level:
[Image: acef9b779ad13d1353c3dd4952dd13d6c9017685.png]
[Image: 9978a927671c633118dbf97c3559e65801a1101b.png]
[Image: 5888b90b13f763a38abc442b24a2f90ae1158f97.png]
[Image: 779173b4f1d93a1162ecfed5c84e808afc310a14.png]
[Image: 7ff9563e5477c4d1b3da8103e6b380eba13c1ec2.png]
[Image: abc47f2ed935dea69ceed5d36f910b5a67398869.png]

There are still several tweaks to be done before we can release the first playable demo
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