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Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (fangame, co-programmer wanted wanted)
So far Discord is proving to be better place to ask for co-programmers. But thanks to lemurboy12, there are more model rips from classic Crash games submitted to Models-Resource! Including N.Gin's head I needed. Maybe soon I get some model renders sent to this thread.

As for the fangame itself, here's the new progress update:

We've got new stuff done here: Crates, crystal, extra life, bouncing, Aku Aku...there are yet several stuff to work out as you might notice. The step sound changing by the ground and wumpa's attraction to hud's icon for instance. One of my new co-programmers is handling that atm. TNT-box's texture animation is in progress as well, which is why I didn't put it here.

I also thought of giving nitro box's explosion and locked box's shattering the unique sounds.

If anybody still wants to help with this template, or has better synopsis suggestion, please leave a comment or contact me via
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