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(08-13-2015, 08:30 PM)Random Talking Bush Wrote: ...That's not what I had in mind, and after seeing how the models you just submitted were rigged...

Yeah, don't do that. If you apply the "Skin" modifier that way, 3DS Max will auto-rig the models, and the results aren't pretty. Sorry to say, but I'm gonna work on re-ripping those models with the correct rigging. Sick

Thanks RTB... I had added ThatTrueStruggle since as buddy and gave rep to him since he managed to upload king dugong (Or wathever that red clawed mutated pacman/like creature is called)... and I shall keep that +1 and the buddy... I like people who managed to help me getting some difficult to find models.
of course... being gentle isn't the only way to help or get helped... I'm waiting to get a 4/8GB SD card to start my first attempts at getting the model files from 3DS games... I was about to quit since I got a 2DS unable to connect to Wi-Fi, but after I had replaced it for a Nintendo 3DS with 9.0 Sysnand... I was able to acomplish it, and I have the updated RX-tools on 9.9 emunand. Smile

Just with a 2GB card I cannot decrypt any 3DS game.

Anyway... I will gladly wait for you to get the models from Hyrule Warriors... Smile
Specially because I am interested on those rigged models so badly. Cute
King Dugong and maybe a few other creatures even... I normally focus on pawed/clawed/hooved creatures... there's a very few models there, but are interesting models indeed. Cute

Thank you very much RTB... you're indeed one of the most awesome ppl I have ever met. Smile
***Since the marine headquarters has been destroyed by unknown forces, we had decided to temporarily replace the actual rewards for a newer one... We are looking
for new criminals or updated rewards from the previous ones... meanwhile here will be no reward posting for some time.

if someone knows some important info of who is behind the attack on our headquarters, please contact one of our officials by den den mushi and will get rep+ and added as buddy, thanks for your contribution***

Akainu Sakazuki
fleet admiral from Marine Headquarters.

PS: I didn't lost my data for virus or hacker... it's just a funny joke... the truth is that my HD got damaged physically...  Cry
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