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(03-27-2015, 03:53 PM)TGE Wrote: The 3ds max nif plugin works fine for the IMAGINE models,
I don't know if the plugin also supports the newer nif version but if it doesn't you're out of luck I'm afraid.

At least... that's the feeling I have already... Tongue

however... you're right. Shy

I don't know it either, I only just think on that. Noesis Failed at that...
but I never tried a NIF plugin on 3DS Max... I didn't had one... Smile

Anyway. I didn't knew I still have the installer of 3DS Max 2009 from my past HD backup data copied into this one (before my HD was formatted a year ago).
so I can install it, get the plugins and give it a try. Only then I will know if I can import AO models or not. Wink
besides. if I can't open those models. I think there's a few models there that can be imported. Noesis managed to import the model of a Hydra from the Atlantica Online data. which means it has a NIF versión 2 or lower, but without texture... Maybe I will import it with texture on 3DS max. if that's so... maybe it's the only model from AO I can upload here... if I manage to rip all the models. then... this will be maybe one of my first contributions along with imagine.
I was lucky to download the lastest USA versión a few months before the server closes... Very sad for me. I just began playing it and I didn't passes from the basic trainings... if I play on japanese versión, then I'm screwed up... I will never enjoy it the same way like on USA versión, and learn japanese is a pain for me. Cry

Anyway. I have all the NIF models from those two games. I will inform you of my progresses when I solve some Little personal issues Wink.

PS: Thanks TGE. I was pretty depressed after some minutes. even if I cannot rip anything from AO, at least I will get the Imagine models. Cerberus and Gram are good for  my projects, and along them, there are some interesting creatures to play with. also I gotta test the plugin used by RTB to export the nintendo 3ds models from Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS to DAE he posted the link on one of his old posts. that will help me using them on my favourite 3D program. So I will search for it. and give it a shot along with the script for pokemon models. Big Grin
Sorry for my laziness, I was about to do something days ago concerning the texture I done on my last post, but I just only deleted the photos on Photobucket and nothing more. I decided to ask for help on modifying the texture I used on my model Project. but I was busy playing random stuff... I was meant to do all I promised to. It's not compromiso... it's just my own honor. I really want to give help to all of you. uploading all the models I can from the games I ripped and you didn't... but I'm a noob and you are all better tan me. so I can only give it a shot to a very few games... or else... Just contribute on giving you the RAW files and you try to convert them to have the credit. and that maybe will happen more often if I try with the 3DS games added on my Project, since we NEVER tried those.

Toriko Gourmet Monsters is one of them. I have the ROM, but neither I know the format it has. My signature includes only a few of my top priority models to download. all of them Rigged.
along with Terry, I include the Black Terry and a plenty of creatures, almost all of them known from Toriko Manga/anime universe.
so, if I want those models so badly. I can't do it alone. Cry
I will provide you the files and you do the rest... No matter if we succeed or fail.
Only we have just to try.
You are a great guy TGE.
you and Mystie, RTB, ThatTrueStruggle and the others. I would never get the models from Eevee and Eeveelutions from X/Y, Neither Meowser or Duck Hunt dog. if you wouldn't do all that stuff... maybe it's wierd my fetish for the paw Licking shenanigams I was so focused on my projects and my Little showoff of Dark Eevee G3 was half a failure and a Little of suggestions about how to make it better, and yet I have to discover on Where exactly I need to fix when Mystie said I am bad at writting. I think I made a good backstory, but maybe I skipped TOO many details. or maybe Kaloxylos or Scarface were redundant on my story. I dunno.

I decided to help you. and just escaping to avoid embarrasment or being heavily insulted or criticised isn't an excuse... I was being a -censored- coward.
Anyway I'm proud and happy with Dark Eevee G3. and if you know how to make it look better. I wil entrust you my creation. Wink
Just I need time to prepare the textures and a DPF file with some interesting data to help you.
texturing isn't a job for an old geezer like me after all. Shy

Anyway... To all of you... I have only just 4 words to say.

[Image: tumblr_maixm5xUPh1rcdmmbo1_500.gif]
Thank you very much!!!!!
***Since the marine headquarters has been destroyed by unknown forces, we had decided to temporarily replace the actual rewards for a newer one... We are looking
for new criminals or updated rewards from the previous ones... meanwhile here will be no reward posting for some time.

if someone knows some important info of who is behind the attack on our headquarters, please contact one of our officials by den den mushi and will get rep+ and added as buddy, thanks for your contribution***

Akainu Sakazuki
fleet admiral from Marine Headquarters.

PS: I didn't lost my data for virus or hacker... it's just a funny joke... the truth is that my HD got damaged physically...  Cry
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