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Contra Rebirth
I figured out how to rip the sprites from the WAD (even after unpacking the APP file you get from the WAD, you still need to decompress everything, which DSDecmp did with no problem). So I'm going to rip as much of the game as I can, from the characters, to the enemies, bosses, whatever else I can find.

Just an idea of what to expect:
[Image: iwAkP9K10G4r3.png]

[Image: iieMnihZQxQjf.png]

[Image: inSUzdlKHtTjb.png]

[Image: iBNBXBHRJ5uAX.png]

I might be able to do Castlevania and Gradius, haven't tried yet.

Gradius Rebirth is insultingly doable (literally a bunch of bitmaps, as in MSPaint).

Castlevania is a no go.
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