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Just to add to what Dazz said, I'm going to quote myself replying to Kosheh in the other thread:

(08-30-2014, 11:09 AM)Petie Wrote: Kosheh, you're missing the point. We're not selling something here. This isn't a service you're buying or perks that can only be unlocked with real money. Not everyone wants to directly contribute to the site's costs, and that's fine. These sites have always been free and will continue to be free regardless of donations, AdBlock use, or anything else.

There are, however, people who do want to help out and have already done so without the promise of anything. The purpose here is to reward those people with a better experience, not lock away features behind a paywall and coerce money out of visitors. People who are willing to donate any amount of money on a regular basis will do so without perks - this is just a way to to show our appreciation for those people. The only reason these two concepts are even related are because donations are used to supplement income from ads and if people are paying directly, there is no reason to also show them ads.

Yes, if you look at this as purchasing a service, you're not getting much out of it, especially when removing the ads is technically possible for free if you don't care about the sites you're visiting. But if you have that view, this subscription isn't for you anyway. It's for the people who have expressed interest in helping with the server and bandwidth costs that go into running the site. Those who would have (and already have) donated without the promise of anything in return. It's a thank you, not a product, and the only reason the word "subscription" is used is because it's literally a subscription - it renews itself - so we have to call it what it is.

Don't take this the wrong way - I'm not saying you're wrong or not entitled to an opinion on the matter. As Dazz said, if you choose not to participate, that's fine. You can continue using the site exactly as you always have and that won't be changing.
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