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Help ripping Toy Story Racer (PS1) Track Models
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Hey there, it's me again.
So, I play a RC racing game that is very customizable and that means custom cars and tracks.
I thought the tracks in Toy Story Racer for the PS1 would be fun enough to play in that game so I thought on ripping the models for it.

One thing I know, I can't use 3D Ripper DX because, you know, you can't do it with the PS1 emulator because it will rip a flat 2D model.

So, instead of the usual ripping, I thought of looking at the game files inside the game.
the level files are in .RAW, .DAT and .TER format, and the players are in .MDL and .ANM format (which probably stand for "model" and "animation").
If anyone is up to "explore" the track files, below are the track files for the Mall level.
I really think the model file is the RAW one, however, we need to know how to get it.
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