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(01-22-2012, 04:44 PM)Oceantraveler Wrote: Hello there im New here and i Needs some good advice to ''Which program is good for exporting KH2 MDLX Files into OBJ Files?''

Go to this site. Scroll down a ways to where it says "Happy Final Mix guys!!!". And click on "KH2DumperX rev15". This is the best dumper I've found.

Now download Noesis from Here and the KH2 Plugin from Here.

Place the KH2 plugin into Noesis> Plugins folder.

Here's how to use Noesis.
1. first open Noesis.
2. Go to File> Open file.
3. Locate the Model file and open it.
4. Go to File> Export.
5. change *main output type:* to something that supports bones. smd, dae, fbx, md5mesh or leave it as obj.
6. Check Flip UV's so that other programs read the textures correctly.
7. Click OK. Now the model is exported.

And sorry, I can't help you with KH2DumperX rev15 at the moment.
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