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My Koopaling Edits (SMW - NSMB)
Hey Community! Long time no see! Well, while I was playing Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World, I think: Why not edit the sprites of the Koopalings to New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
So, I viewed the Images-in battle in NSMBW... Koopalings Wallpapers... Artwoks... and finally!

I started copying the original-sprites, and change his colours. After, I copied the body and pasted the arms. Last, the legs.

I changed some things, like the Magic Wands, that appeared first in SMB3, the Star-Mark that have Morton in his eye, the Lemmy's body, hair and ball (That was a hard work) the Wendy's body (total work, in SMW, she doesn't have the gold bracelets or the collar or the Shoes. She was a hard work too.) the Iggy's body (His body are the most skinny of the siblings, his hair has been changed to NSMB style, like a turnip, his face and more. The only changes in Roy are the hard-arms and legs, and the colour change. Finally, with Von Koopa, (I changed his head because they are too hard to edit, his body has been changed to be more small, like in NSMBW, and more).

The Image:

[Image: smwnewsupermariobroswii.png]

What you think about it? I'll want the best results! If there's good results, I'll make a full sheet too!

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the outline could be much better if you removed any jaggy lines and took more attention to their anatomy. That's what you get by doing edits.

but seeing you used SMW as ref, those are heaps better than the original.
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I feel like these would be much better if they were done from scratch.
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