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FORGE: Sequel in dev for the classic adventure, LOOM
Hey all, one of the users on our games Forum suggested I make a topic here Wink. So, here I am.

I hope some of you remember LOOM from back in the early 90's as one of the first Adventure Games of its time that the player could not die. No red herrings, or pit falls, endless maps or dead ends. The games intention was to tell a majestic story, and it excelled at it. Our game, is a fanmade sequel continuing this tradition. We are creating, FORGE.

We have prided ourselves by portraying the original art style and feel from the VGA days of pc gaming. We are currently seeking a lead spriter. Our original lead artist has been forced to tend to career and family matters, we wish him the best, but we must move forward!

So, have you always wanted to be part of an amazing project but found it hard to find one that looks promising? Do you have a knack for the VGA graphics of yesteryear? We would love to hear from you.

Information about the game is below, at the very least, we'd love to have some comments.

Quill O' The Wisp brings you:
[Image: smflogo.gif]
[Image: btn_donate_SM.gif]

We at Quill O' The Wisp (our team name), are continuing the story of the Age of the Great Guilds. A time and place where Chaos has been unleashed to the Inside and a small handful of people, each from a unique Guild have the power to stop it. One such character is Rusty, a young Blacksmith first introduced in LOOM.

Through the story of FORGE, Rusty will need to find his way back to the surface, after falling through the earth and into Sable Shaft, home of the Guild of Miners. Dodging encounters with the horrific Dead Ones, Rusty will use the fabled Blacksmith Gauntlets to unleash powerful Schematics through a legendary Drawing technique.

A completed game and a planned release will vary on additional assistance. But realistically we are looking for a Fall 2011 launch, with the team we have now. To anyone (especially BG artists and spriters) that want to lend a hand. Please contact myself, we would love to hear from you.

Note: This game is FREEWARE

We are in active development and have launched our new website and forum.

Home Page
Quill O' The Wisp - Forge Page

Demo Download link:
Download here


Chapter 1 Progress:
Story: 85%
Sprites: 50%
Backgrounds: 95%
Music: 10%
Voice Acting: 0%
Scripting: 5%

[u]About the Demo
The Demo starts with a Loom recap and then moves into some Forge Screen shots with a description of the initial plot. To replay the preview, you can do so from the Tapestry Selection. To learn about the new GUI, use the Tutorial. And to play with the GUI freehand, enter the Mini Game section.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts in the release of this Tech Demo.


[Image: samplebg1.png] [Image: samplebg4.png]
[Image: samplebg5.png] [Image: samplebg6.png]
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Sorry for the necropost, but I thought it was still better than creating a new one.

I'm Abisso, Quill o'the Wisp's co-founder and currently the only member, as you can see from this post in our forums:

I'm still in need of pixel-artist and animators, but please contact me instead of Duke since he's no longer actively on the team. Preferred ways of contacting are the official forum and my personal email.

Thank you all for reading.
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Unless you're offering monetary compensation, then it's highly unlikely that you'll receive help here.
Considering that this is a request and there isn't much discussion potential, I'm going to lock this thread.
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