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My Little Pony Sprites
Im working on a My Little Pony Game with my own custom sprites heres what i got so far

the picture aint all of them
[Image: mlpgfx.png]

heres a Newgrounds flash Sprite Test

My Newgrounds name is Urimas Ebonheart

Diagos Brighton is my art/GFX name

feedback is welcome Smile
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Haha, nice!
The animations are quite fluent (except for spike returning to his idle stance), but the sprites themself are really jaggy and could use some major cleaning and smoothing (AA and stuff). Great work nontheless! Keep it up Big Grin
Your preview image there didn't really survive some downscaling, though. Tongue
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I've noticed that some of those can't really be considered sprites, considering the gradients on them. Not only that, but the gradients look out of place. Also, your character sprites lack contrast, making them a little painful on the eyes, and, while the animations are smooth, your walk cycles could do with another frame or two near the furthest point of extension, as they do tend to jerk a bit around there. Apart from that, they do look rather good.
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i should point out that the use of gradients does not determines what is a sprite or not.

this is nowhere near being a spriting project but rather a simple display of your work, so i'll move it back to the regular spriting board.(also please post a non jpg'ed version of said image)
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Yeah, by "the use of gradients", I wasn't talking about the fact that gradients were there, but the amount of colours they used. I mean, TECHNICALLY it's still a sprite, but if it has several hundred colours, I don't, personally, think it quite qualifies.
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a sprite can easily be made of prerendered 3D models wich can use hundreds of colors as long as its system allows it(see mario kart 64). again, neither amount of colors nor gradients define what a sprite is. Instead, a sprite would be any 2D graphic/object (either animated or static) used by either the software or the hardware to represent an action on the display. so you'd rather identify what is an sprite by its functionality over its nature.

instead what i suspect is that we're in front of a blatalant trace.
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Ugh, tracing.
[Image: 6WzBw.gif]
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