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custom kirby sprites and recolor
This is my first attempt at custom spriting. This is basically a tilt and tumble recolor for the stuff i do on Deviant art. the Kirby movement set is a recolor of waddle Dee movement set from tilt and tumble.
[Image: custom.png]
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professional edit
(02-23-2011, 01:31 AM)-Colton Wrote: professional edit
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I don't mean to be rude, but I think you're much better off doing custom sprites rather than fan-made sprites of an existing game. A lot of people including myself respect hard work and original sprites. Why? because it shows imagination and talent. You don't need to look for respect from others, but please respect yourself enough to think out of the box and to not come back to fan-made sprites until you feel you've improved enough to really make any content like this look like your own.

You see I can't get excited about this at all, why? because I've seen this all before by Nintendo. It's been done and you're not bringing anything else new and exciting to the table. Your understanding of pixel art has also lead to very sloppy designs, with no thought of how gravity is working(the links hat on kirby) among many other problems. I like the penguin though.
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Looking at it i can see the problem with the Kirby, spikey, and that piss poor attempt at a blipper, but what was wrong with the butch and masher ones?
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(02-23-2011, 01:01 PM)verifiaman Wrote: Looking at it i can see the problem with the kirby spikey, and that pis poor attempt at a blipper, but what was wrong with the butch and masher ones?

What we are trying to say is to avoid editing sprites off an existing game.

Lets be honest, this wouldn't really take too long for even someone who is inexperienced at pixel art. Some one who is professional at this can do it in a minute.

Try and do something completely from scratch, it doesn't need to be a new idea or anything but try to make something that looks like it is completely made without a base.
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the problem is not on their nature as sprite edits. the problem lies in them being shit edits. however, one can understand this seeing it is suposed to be your first attemp at custom spriting(asuming all you did before were edits and recolors, if i understood correctly)

needless to say, a few advices before you continue working(if you plan on doing so)

try to optimize the sheet size, for the sake of display(such a huge image is completely pointless)
be organized, and persistant. helps to have a clear idea of what you want and how.
always realise a small self criticism before asking for feedback. just like you did, it does help us know of what you are aware that needs to be worked on.
never take criticism as personal

the key difference between a sprite edit and a custom sprite(and the reason we always encourage them) is that while the first do require a degree of skill to achieve a decent result, they wont ever allow you to improve seeing they depend entirely on the base sprite they are made of, while customs(even the most shitty ones) will always depend on your bare hands and knowledge to be improved, and you will always have room to not only improve but experiment with new.
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