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[Updated today!][In Development] Papa Pirate, Baby Bandit.
So my group is nearly 4 months in to our first game and are well on our way. The game is a raising sim similar to the Princess Maker series. It has an extensive statistics system, a small RPG section, a small arcade game section, and of course, a small story for fans to enjoy.

It is being voiced in 2 languages, and will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, and likely Droid phones. (We're also considering iPhone as we have a massive chunk of code in C#.) We have a working tester to balance the stat system and that simulates the RPG section, as well as a large chunk of art assets already completed.

We're looking to release in late March/early April.

Edit: In addition, we are open to any and all volunteers/contributors. Even if you just want to post a link to us somewhere, that's great. Smile

[Image: qrzt49.png]
[Image: 2na387q.jpg]
[Image: 121bxxx.png]
[Image: 2vbvep2.png]
[Image: 28hefzt.png]
[Image: uvtdk.png]
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This looks like more of a request, which you can't do until you have 20 posts but I'll leave this open and edit out the request parts.

you can post updates here.
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Looks pretty neat, but I'm not sure I understand the gameplay. What exactly are you simulating? Where are the pirates? Regardless, the graphics are amazing and I hope this finishes!
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Hm. It seems that the mods also changed the name of my post...because this isn't a "pirate sim game". I understand removing the "request" parts, but don't arbitrarily change the title without some kind of note or something...?

Anyhoo, it is a raising simulation a la Princess Maker. You play a bandit in a world called "Makai", which is full of demons and all sorts of fun creatures, humanoid and not, with all sorts of powers. You find this kid, and while you originally planned to either, sell her on some slave market or eat her for dinner, you end up keeping her around a bit and find out that she's fairly useful and makes your dying group of bandits some good money, as well as entertainment.

But, in exchange for her uncanny ability to make you guys money, you have to take care of her, and that's where the gameplay comes in...though really, you're mostly just sending her out to the hard fields to make you MORE money. (Watch out, though...she's not all that easy-going and obedient...)

Adding some new bits to this as well!

[Image: file.php?id=7755]

[Image: file.php?id=7754]

[Image: file.php?id=7753]

[Image: file.php?id=7752]

[Image: file.php?id=7721&mode=view]

[Image: file.php?id=7751&mode=view]
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The artwork is pretty decent, but the RPG-Maker style tileset makes me frown; and the implication that the game contains nothing but anime blob-girls in bikinis makes me frown even more.

Not even Princess Maker was quite that shallow.
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It seems this got deleted from my original post as well, but these are just samples; not the final pieces that will be in the game. We're still making tweaks (I just came to add our completely reworked water tiles), and the sprites here will be clothed (including the high res one, but clothing is backseat to other pieces we're working on for tests, because it changes and involves several pieces).

I'm not sure what you mean by "RPG maker style", but if you mean top-down, we chose to do so because we're all new pixel artists and it was the easiest to work with. Also, we wanted to do a bit of a throw back to SNES work. As we get better at pixel work, we might experiment with something more complicated. What would you personally suggest we fix about these? Currently we're reworking the color of everything, the bottoms of trees, the rock, and the pond.

The pixel-based adventure section is one of the smallest parts of the game, but since it was most relevant to here, I thought to showcase it.

Furthermore, our target market is anime the art will be anime/anime-based.

And the preliminary new water tiles:
[Image: file.php?id=7762]
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