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Regarding Pokémon Black/White sprites
Okay, I'm gonna say this once, and only once. Before anyone submits some sprites from either one of the new Pokémon games, keep in mind that the following sprites have already been ripped, and do not need to be re-submitted:

- Pokémon front and back sprites (Barubary)
- Shiny Pokémon front and back sprites (Barubary)
- Parts for the animations of said Pokémon sprites (Barubary)
- Male/Female Trainers -- overworld and battle (Barubary)
- Overworld and battle sprites for every other trainer (Barubary)
- VS. Portraits for any trainer (Barubary)
- Opening lecture (redblueyellow)
- DS BIOS game icons (metaldodomon)
- Text entry (S.G01)
- Starter present screen (S.G01)
- HP bars (S.G01)
- Anything else on tSR's Black/White page

Things that are currently in progress are as follows:

- Pokémon box/party icons (Being ripped by randomdice101)
- Pokémon animations (This topic is all about ripping their animations. Check either tSR itself or that topic to see what's been ripped and what hasn't.)

I know it's a fairly new game, and everyone wants to dive in and start ripping the sprites, I just felt that it was necessary to make a new topic about this because we've now had about three or four different people working on the Pokémon and M/F Trainers, when we've already got complete sheets of them already. I don't really want you guys wasting your time ripping something that we already got, m'kay?

(I'm also leaving this topic open for any comments or sprite rip claims.)
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Can I claim the second stage bat?
Hopefully it's not on solinks ripping list at the moment.

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Thanks, RTB.
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I would be great if more people helped.
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I can try to rip other stuff but i don't know what. if you have suggestions.
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Well, it's very cool pokemon sprites... Well, if someone already have them all, don't really need make it another... But still your help is very gratefully to help TSR about sprites...
Still, pokemon is a VEEEERRRYYYYYY famous game, so it's fast someone rip the sprites inside...
So... Thanks anyone, yep, I'm not from site or admin, but some member what think even the sprites already have, it's an great job and work to try find an solution to dump them!
Congratulations you too Barbuary and the others!
And who could dump the pokemon files too!
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