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Can someone tell me how I'd rip sounds from, for example, GBA games? Would I just use the Tools/Record sound thing, or can I extract all sounds easily?
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If a game has a sound test, then all you have to do is just record the sounds, keeping in mind that some games might not have all the sounds in the test. If a game doesn't have a sound test and quite a lot don't, then you would have to either hack codes to get sounds or disassemble the sound engine which is pretty hard unless you know what you're doing. For the latter you need to know assembly (like for GBA games, ARM assembly) and look for sound related calls.
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If the Game doesn't have a cheat or hack for retaining sound effects, then you have to use a sound editing program such as Audacity or Adobe Audition to retain them.
I've made my own Vaati Battle style, I used the original sound effects in the Game, but I used songs I retained from the English Dub of Kirby Right Back at Ya, enjoy.
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