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Doom 64 Sprites
First off, I feel it would be wrong if I didn't mention that this is TECHNICALLY ripped from "Doom 64: Absolution," an unofficial port of Doom 64 to the PC. I do own Doom 64 and I've compared them side by side, and the only difference I can find is that the PC version is easier to rip from (and also there's a single sprite of the Hell Knight missing, which I replaced with a Barron of Hell sprite that I recolored). So without any further ado, the sprites.


[Image: doom64marineicon.png]

Not so Friendly:

[Image: doom64formerhumanicon.png] [Image: doom64impicon.png] [Image: doom64demonicon.png] [Image: doom64lostsoulicon.png]
[Image: doom64cacodemonicon.png] [Image: doom64painelementalicon.png] [Image: doom64arachnotronicon.png] [Image: doom64mancubusicon.png]
[Image: doom64hellknighticon.png] [Image: doom64barronofhellicon.png] [Image: doom64cyberdemonicon.png] [Image: doom64mothericon.png]

And the other stuff:

[Image: doom64attacksicon.png] [Image: doom64objectsicon.png]

Click Here for the ZIP

So that's, what? 15 sheets? Before anybody mentions it, yes I forgot the Nightmare Imp and Spectre. I'll rip and upload those if I feel like it in the future, which is sort of a 50/50 chance considering that I'd really like to move on to other games now.

I hope you guys can enjoy these sprites, otherwise my efforts will have been pointless. Have fun, guys.


Alright, I couldn't let this go incomplete. I had this nagging at the back of my head saying that my job wasn't done, so I've come back to finish it.

Here is a zip with the Nightmare Imp and the Spectre in it. And here are the sheets just so you can look at them without a zip:

[Image: doom64nightmareimpicon.png] [Image: doom64spectreicon.png]

Dunkelschwamm out.
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Hmmn...You're on a roll today, huh? Welcome aboard
Anyway, if it's ripped from Doom 64: Absolution, it is that conversion, right? So, technically they were ripped from the N64 version first and then you ripped from a rip. Not sure if it goes against something in here. I'd suggest to submit it to the PC session, under Doom 64: Absolution game, not under the regular Doom 64. But maybe I'm just worrying and meddling too much again :p
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Yeah I was worried about that too. But yeah, since I can't tell any difference from the sprites from Doom 64: Absolution and regular, old Doom 64 I figured it would be safe to submit it into here under Doom 64. Ultimately I guess it's up to the mods to decide where these go, and I'm honestly fine with either choice myself.
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Although I posted the doom 64 guy first, I think you deserve the glory. heck, you put in all these sprites in at the same exact time. oh well, ill try again someday. well, good job.
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