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Art Resources
Crossposted from my thread at MFGG, here's a helpful art resources thread!

This thread is to cater to artists when they're in need of a tutorial, a certain program, some helpful hints, or anything of the like. I myself won't be able to provide all of the links, so I'm hoping you all will fill in with some neat tutorials and links and I'll add them to this post!

Anyways, starting off.

Digital Art Programs - Photoshop/Paid - Paint Tool SAI/Free 30 Day Trial - Corel Painter/Paid - Paint.NET/Free - GIMP/Free - OpenCanvas/Paid, Free Trial -- ( Last Free Version of OpenCanvas - Adobe Illustrator/Paid Artweaver/Free MyPaint/Free


Perspective Tutorials

Anatomy Tutorials

Traditional Drawing and Painting Tutorials

Various Digital Art Tutorials

Useful Art Terminology

Featured Tutorials:

Online Andrew Loomis Anatomy Books/Tutorials

Basic Perspective Tutorial

Constructive Anatomy by George Bridgman

Constructing the Human Head by Ron Lemen

Walk Cycles

Drawing Hands

Walking Tutorial for Sprites

Various Art-Related Websites

Concept Art


Wet Canvas

Character Designs - Has some really good photosets to use for reference, though certain sets do contain nudity and as thus NSFW.

Posemaniacs - A great site to study poses, work with figure drawing, and the like. It might not be 100% accurate to perfect human anatomy, but it allows you to see proportions and muscles in different poses.

Art renewal is a good website and database containing many old to new master works, there is also nudity on this website so NSFW warning


Pixel Art-Related Programs

While many use MS-Paint, a free, simple pixel editor for Windows computers for their pixel art, others are known to use programs such as:

Graphics Gale

Pro Motion


Note: The programs listed in the Digital Art section known as "Photoshop" and "Paint.NET." are also used for Pixel Art.

Also, here are some various Pixel Art related tutorials and links.

Hopefully this list will help you find what you need and/or further you artistically! Please post as many useful links as you can find, I'll be glad to add them to the first post-- just specify!

Found this old post of mine and I'm going to mention some you missed (all freebies):

Next one is Brush Stokes. The site says you can make animated gifs with it, and it's fairly small. It don't feature layers, but if you don't care about it and just want a slightly better program than MS-Paint, this one can be a candidate.

mtPaint got a somewhat crude interface, but many interesting features for sprites. Pixel grid for guidance at high levels of zoom, 12 image clipboard, up to 1000 undo steps, can create animated gifs and handles transparency . The online documentation is helpful too.

And for the last...At first glance, when you see Kolour Paint is like looking at MS-Paint. But it got up to 500 levels of Undo/Redo, transparency and some simple filters. The only drawback is it's not available for Win/Mac, only Linux :/
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Can I post some recommended blogs + youtube channels?
This guy works for Pixar, I think. He's an instructor in animation and character design. Some pretty useful videos here, I found his gesture drawing stuff the most helpful.

John K's blog
and an archive of a lot of the lessons from that blog in a more digestible form:
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Green Tunic's fractal packs for GIMP/Photoshop
Renders for the character images like Ultimecia's or mine with a transparent background
gimptalk for tutorials for gimp
DaFont for fonts
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Ok, I might be bragging a little (but I hardly brag so bear with me), I just got a dialy deviation at DeviantArt:

- A HUGE collection of color references
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(Rokkan showed me this, it's awesome)
Specs 'n' Headphones has been revamped! Check it, yo.
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Thanks to Pik and Solink; they are sexy people. Heart
(04-29-2010, 02:00 PM)GrooveMan.exe Wrote: Similarly:

(Rokkan showed me this, it's awesome)

Oh em gee. THANKS. I had a previous version of this bookmarked and never thought to look for the new one.
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gonna contribute with alexds1's tutorials, I've always enjoyed them.
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- Guide to aging characters
- Guide to Human types part 1
- Guide to Human types part 2
- Guide to Human types part 3
- Guide to Human types - Addendum
- Various tutorials by the same author

- Open Canvas tutorial

- A tree and grass tutorial
- A nice grass tutorial
- Rocks!
- Water tutorial
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- A nice hair tutorial
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I found a REALLY useful and really easy to understand tutorial on learning the fundamentals (like anatomy, proportion, shading, etc)

I think every beginner artist should learn from this.
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Could I post something questionably legal? x:

I've got a mediafire link to a pretty hefty amount of art instruction books, mostly in .pdf format
a lot of them are public domain, but err. Some aren't.
Also Innocence that's a pretty nice primer!
Obviously people'd still need to read around the subjects, but as a basic springboard it looks pretty sound. nice find! c:
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As long as it is a link and you are not posting the pdf files on here then it should be fine. (Just like we can post links to roms but we can't actually upload the roms on the server.)
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