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Pokemon G/S/C Devamp Project
Hey guys, since there are at least a handful of people that seem willing to help, welcome to the G/S/C Devamp Project! :>
What we'll be doing in this topic making sprites of each third, fourth and fifth generation Pokémon in the style used in Gold, Silver and Crystal. Only one frame is necessary, but if you want to make an animation for the Pokémon à la Crystal, go right ahead! Making shiny versions of the Pokémon would also be nice, seeing as they're a simple palette swap and thus shouldn't be difficult.

Sprites should be no larger than 56x56. (That was the max, correct?)
Here, under the Pokemon section, are sprites ripped from the game, to give you a feel for how the end result should look. Colors from the sprite can also be taken from these sprites until I can compile an official palette. (Or until someone else is nice enough to do so.)

A list of Pokemon to choose from is below. I think that for now anyone should be able to claim up to three Pokemon to work on at a time. Once a sprite is complete and looks good by the community's standards, it will be linked here on this list.

Please check which Pokémon are available before getting to work. Sure, you can work on a Pokémon that's already been done, but the point of the thread is to get all the Pokémon done. Therefore, the Pokémon that haven't been done yet have priority over those that have.

Please inform others before you start a devamp. This will avoid confusion and quarrelling. I will update the original post with a "[RESERVED]" tag and your name.

Please make a note of which Pokémon you've devamped when you post. Unfortunately, my Pokémon knowledge is rather limited; I'm working on knowing more Pokémon, but please, in the meantime, make my life easier and tag your work with the name of the sprite and its generation. It'll help me remember them when I update the original post.

Note that Pokemon with multiple forms are only displayed once on the list. Perhaps when someone gets around to spriting those Pokemon, they could do each form on one sheet. That way we shorten the list a bit without cutting anything that's needed.

You can use the following spritesheets as examples of artwork to sprite renditions, ie what colours/details stay in the sprite, the colour palettes, etc.

I'm gonna cut it here and if a mod or admin that's interested in the project wants to edit this post and add in some rules, by all means go ahead! (After all I'm not experienced with running projects.)
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I'd post a palette and an example of the style.
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
Ton's most wanted rips: Time Splitters 2 Models (Gamecube/PS2), Radiant Historia Characters (DS), Final Fantasy 4 Models (DS),  Final Fantasy 7 models (Playstation/PC), Bravely Default/Second Models (3DS), Clay Fighter 2 fighters (SNES)
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I call Nuzleaf, if that's okay

[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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Added a link to the ripped sprites on the site for the style, palette and all that, and I added you to the list, Robo. :>
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D'aw I was hoping for the RB style because it calls for you to warp the looks of the Pokemon. Seriously look at them! They're crazy!

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I wouldn't mind that, but considering that would add a whole other generation to the workpile I don't know how many people would be willing to go with it.
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Hm true. However with these ones you have to be more accurate so it might be difficult.

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The maximum sprite size for gen 1-3 is 64x64.
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And a 2 colour plus black and white retlstriction if I'm not mistaken

[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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(03-01-2010, 01:09 AM)Vipershark Wrote: The maximum sprite size for gen 1-3 is 64x64.

Actually it's 56x56 for the first two gens, 64x64 for 3rd gen and 80x80 for 4th gen.

That said, I'll make some more GSC sprites soon. Probably either later today or tomorrow. Nice to see this made into a project actually. (All my current creations can be found on the Sprite Discussion board)
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Made these a while ago.

[Image: eeveesg.png]

the red box is the maximum size limit, so feel free to copy that and use it as reference.
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I think I should also remind everyone, the white in the sprites is not pure white. How I do it is finish the sprite and leave the white spots uncoloured, then paste the sprite into the red box (which you'll colour with the GSC white beforehand).
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Actually, I was using Crystal sprites as reference (the ones linked to in the first post), and those had pure white in them. They also had pure black. But we could change it once we get an official pallette.
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I call drifloon~

might get a chance to work on him later tonight
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Is it alright if I make Zoroark or are we keeping it to only 3 & 4? If not then I'd like to take a crack at him and maybe his prevo.

If we aren't counting him, then I'll try... Ralts I guess.

ALso, what was the color limit for a sprite?
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