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Zorua & Zoroark
[Image: 74291419.gif]

It's me again back into doing pokemon sprites, this time tackling the quality of HGSS, since the style is a lil more close to the official artwork. Taking on the new pokemon Zorua/Zoroark.

comments much appreciated!
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I'm loving how the line art is coming out on the second one so far, do keep up.

Zorua's tail should be black like it's mane (correct me if I'm wrong because I might be seeing the artwork wrong), other wise it's pretty good.
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The tail is the same color as the body, artwork just has a really dark shade on it, it's anime pic shows the tail fully. Also thanks.
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The Zorua looks amazing and the Zoroark is looking really good so far!
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finished, edited post
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So cute. The red is a lot brighter than it should be, but don't change it, I prefer it this way (-:
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Yeah, didn't want it so pale, gotta stick out somehow so it'll look better Wink
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I never understood the Pokémon style very well. When should I use the black outline? (asking because you're the best spriter of this style I know)

the sprites are awesome, by the way.
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Edited slightly once more, pretty much done at this point. Also Gorsal black is mostly under the body part, part of linesource, darkest area should get black outline, also thanks appreciate that.
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HOLY. SHIT. Fucking AMAZING. More more more. Heart
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I would prefer a darker one.
[Image: naamlo10.jpg]
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Jpg, and no its fine the way it is.
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Well If you saw the official art (Obviously I don't know if you did) you would it see that
it is actually two shades of black, not black and brown.

[Image: pokemon21010.jpg]

While the lighter shade on Zoroark does seem to have a slight brown tint, its not near
enough to notice.

Otherwise, its orgasmic.
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They look really nice, as always, man. Wink
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Well Britt and rik when pokemon are made into sprites/other media theyre usually a brighter/different color, like so:

[Image: new-pokemon-zorua-zoroark-large.jpg]

I only changed up the colors so it can stick out better style-wise, i honestly dont like their pale/darkish colors since it didnt fit well with the style, thanks for the comments, but i know what im doin.
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