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Megaman (4,5,6,7,8,9,GB) 16-bits custom sprites
(02-06-2010, 04:37 PM)Tonberry2k Wrote: Seems like a good argument to me, haha. But are larger sprites still pillow shaded in WW style? Look at the Blue Whale, for example.

Well, a few of the large sprites in WW have different styles, but only very few of them. Look at this:

[Image: fish5.png]

That cat follows the shading style I explained above, its basically 3 shades with white on the middle one. But that fish is just all different, like not even the Wily Wars spriters decided on what style to go. We decided to go for the cat's one mostly, but the guy that made the whale, perhaps that wasn't his best work. Yeah I agree it ended looking pillow shaded, but even a few in the WW style looked like that in a few parts; I think it's not so bad, since the rest of the Whale's parts and details are there compared to the NES one, but you're the expert!

Quick edit: I forgot, here's the pic to compare them.

[Image: whaledxx.png]

I think it looks like that mostly because of the colors he picked for the blue parts, that and he didn't use the shades to give it shape, thus, pillow shaded, I dunno, there weren't many super large sprites in the WW sprite sheets like the Whale and the TRex, and since we only used 3 shades for those too, I think that's why they look like that, a large sprite like that should use more shades imo, but we sticked to the same style. Look at the Pumpkin from Megaman7 as a reference.

Hmm that whale sprite might not be perfect, but still works for the game in my opinion; don't let that darken the rest of the works please Smile
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