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Megaman (4,5,6,7,8,9,GB) 16-bits custom sprites
(02-06-2010, 05:39 AM)GrooveMan.exe Wrote: Some of these look pretty good~ Others have rather pillowed shading, and it's vaguely obvious that the majority have been recoloured from the 8-bit incarnations with no other changes.

So I'm not sure how to deal with this one...

I've dealt with this "its just NES recolors" stuff before, so I even have a sprite sheet showing the differences between them I've used in our own forums a couple times too. Let me explain you the Wily Wars shading style.

Look at this image comparing a few of the sprites:

[Image: wwexample.png]

These sprites, in most of them, the only thing remaining from the 8-bits ones are the outlines. Mostly, when we edit them, we literally *delete* all the colors from the sprites, all the NES shades, and start over from scratch using the Wily Wars shading style and color palette, while watching the official artwork.

This style has 4 shades. Dark, normal, light, and white. Look at the dinosaur foot under the snail, that one is a good example. This style uses mostly an "all around" shading that almost takes the shape of the outlines, starting from the darkest one, and then, once you're done with that, you add a last white shade ON the "normal color" shade. The white touches directly the darkest one, but leaves at least 1 pixel between the normal color and the lightest one. That's for large enemies mostly, small enemies usually use the white just on the lightest part. If you don't believe me you can go and see the official artwork in the original Genesis' Wily Wars game.

The NES sprites only use 2 colors over all the sprite and white, with "white lines" on the metalic parts.

The Robot Masters are similar, but mostly don't use white at all and just focus mostly on the artwork detail.

The tiles use an all around shading too, but totally different from the NES one.

Please watch the sprites closely, do you really think most of them are NES incarnations or recolors? There are hundreds of sprites here we have put a lot of work in, trying to use the correct shading style from the Genesis Wily Wars and adding as many details from the official artwork as possible. Like I said, the only thing remaining from the NES sprites here are the outlines. We had to keep the scale. Not to say many sprites like NO Body's and a few others were 100% custom made.

If you don't know what to do with these, well, we just want to share them with people that are looking for Megaman sprites so they can use them in their games, animations or whatever. If this explanation changed your mind about them being just lame recolors, I'd suggest putting them in the custom/edits section named as "Mega Man # 16-bits", separated by game. If you agree and accept them I'll reorganize the sheets to eliminate all that free space and make the icons.

A lot of good quality work has been done with these. Sorry if I sound harsh but I found that quite offensive, like if you didn't even bother watching the sprites closely Sad

Edit: to Moneyman: yeah, sorry I couldn't find that Sniper Joe anywhere, I'll put it in. As for the triceratops, no, mr3urious basically recolored the NES sprites and added 1 shade. I basically remade it from scratch using the Wily Wars shading style.
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