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[TUTORIAL] How to export 3D models and its textures from a PS1 game
3D Modelling 
1- Install and configure Duckstation
Download the archive according to your OS and unzip it on your computer.
To work he needs a PS1 BIOS, link: [removed - this one might not actually be an issue but I'm removing it to be on the safe side regardless -Petie]
Create a BIOS folder and put those archives there, on the first time opening the emulator you will have to give it the path of those archives for it to work.

2- Install Blender

3- Get your ISO
I use the following website for that: [removed - links to ROM sites are not allowed here -Petie]

4- Start the ISO on Duckstation and screenshot it
When you find the model you want click on 3D Screenshot/show 3D Screenshotter/Take Screenshot
[Image: how-to-export-3d-models-and-its-textures...d5c34b274e]
It will export the model to C:\Users\your_name\Documents\DuckStation\screenshots_3d with the textures and everything. But it will export everything on your camp of vision, not just the model!

5- Delete everything but the model
Open Blender, import the model, using the Edit Mode, click on the Face Selection Mode
[Image: how-to-export-3d-models-and-its-textures...0c6187be18]
It is that cube highlighted in blue

Select everything that isn't the model and press delete.

6- Seeing the textures
Now that you only have the model, go take a look at it texturized.
[Image: how-to-export-3d-models-and-its-textures...2caa863afd]
Click on the option Texture Paint, it will show the texturized model provided by Duckstation. Export it as .obj and that's it!

Useful links:
GitHub guide:
I recommend taking a look at the GitHub guide if the exported model looks too weird.
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