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Heyo!! I'm User/Velo!

Your not-so local internet-haunting ghost fox! kitbasher extraordinaire!
I've been visiting the models resource for a while now and only just bothered making an account x3

I love to mess around with MKW, did a bit of modding as well as custom track creation (still not super good at it, working on still tho xp)
Noooot super sure if there's much else to say about myself, i work with blender and screw around with other games sometimes. That's about all!

Have yourselves a good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night, stay safe, and don't fall down the stairs!
Haunt ya later!!

- UserOwO (V3L0C1tY)
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Heyo!! - by UserOwO - 02-13-2024, 08:30 PM

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