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SuprRooster's 3DS and Mobile rips
Small update:

1- The secret model I talked about last time is from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn: a coin!  It's quite odd but it's an unused model located in the game's files, possibly used for testing.  This game is also missing another model, which is the game banner, although the textures are set incorrectly and are tiled.  It might make an appearance in the next update, if I do figure out how to render it properly.  It goes the same way for Super Mario Maker for N3DS' banner, but slightly better.
2- King Dedede, Combo Dedede, and Mini Dedede were merged into one submission: Team DDD.
3- I will start ripping more models this month and finish fixing the last batch of models that have the alpha issue (it will be the last 2016-2022 series update).  The final game with this issue is Kid Icarus: Uprising.  After that, more models from this game will be submitted.
4- There's one model I plan to upload as a Christmas present, can you guess who it is?

Until next time!

Check these out:

Team DDD
Team DDD
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