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Charizard Rigged for Animation
3D Modelling 
Hey All,

As a part of my rigging tests for different systems I'm taking random characters and stripping the bones (when they have them) and am rigging them up with controls for animation. I'm just posting them here for anyone to grab (as I don't think there's any sort of section for animation ready models?)

I plan to update it further with a face rig at a later date but its been cleaned up from its original rig to be neater on topology in places for better rigging and it has IK/FK and spline setups you can switch out depending on your animation style.

Any questions of if you do anything cool with it or have suggestions I'd love to see/hear

(I can't attach zipped files to the post as far as I know)

Here's a break down of the rig, controls and some animation:

if people find this useful I'll post each rig I do that isn't commissioned for download


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