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Isekai Mario - The Ultimate Anime Crossover! - FINAL UPDATE

It's time for an Isekai Mario x The Shroom Project crossover! Escape the horrors that await at an abandoned lab in Shroom Isekai, a brand new horror game themed scenario! There is also one other scenario included in this update. Get ready for Super Sexy Mario Land!

Now available in the Isekai Mario v1.4 update!

  • 9 new character models. (Total: 9 Mario, 250 anime)
  • 2 new character voices.
  • New scenario added: Super Sexy Mario Land
  • New scenario added: Shroom Isekai
  • Renamed the main story to Isekai Mario: Prologue
  • 1 new Isekai Trials level.
  • Replaced one picture in Isekaisekai.
  • Wednesday's Summon 2 is now The Rising of the Shield Hero.
  • Added Double Coins events.
  • Added progress info and more save files to title screen.
  • Added more options to settings menu.
  • Improved camera.
  • Paintings for cleared levels now have a gold frame.
  • Collecting a star now restores health.
  • Bug fixes.
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