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Help needed with BBTAG .MUA file extension?
First post, oh boy.
To sum it up, I was attempting to rip the lobby avatars from BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (the PC version) and it seems that the model format used (.MUA) doesn't have any form of documentation or anything on it? I'd like to know if there's any info on the format or tools I can use, or if I'm going to have to somehow reverse engineer this. I personally have no experience with hex editing or reverse engineering, so some help with that would be appreciated if a tool doesn't exist.
I'll attach the .mua file here if anyone wants to tinker around with it.

The only thing of note I can decipher from the raw data is that the bone names and the texture(s) seem to be listed at the end? Other than that, I'm pretty much clueless.

Sorry if I'm not making much sense with my words, it's 5 AM as of writing this and I've got nothing better to do. Sweatdrop

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Help needed with BBTAG .MUA file extension? - by nyaago - 02-03-2020, 01:59 AM

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