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The last guardian .BOD file help?
Hello! So i'm currently ripping the last guardian (PS4) and i'm in a bit of a pickle

(What i believe to be) the models (or possibly archives containing model files, i'm not really sure tbh) have a .bod file extension, a file type i am unfamilar with, not only that, but some are also accompanied by several .data files (which seem to be seperate for uv data, verts ect)

Interestingly enough, i also found what i believe to be files for a primitive cube that could possibly be used as a sample model, so i'm putting those here too in case anyone would like to take a look

Now i could be wrong, and forgive me if i am, i am still very much an amatuer in the datamining and programming field, but any help would be appreciated, thank you very much!

UPDATE: i decided to check the cube files in a hex editor again and it seems that nearly all of them are only one kb and tbh... don't seem to have really anything to work with, so they mightv'e actually just been residuel files during development or something and i apologise for that, so Here's the files for a bird model from the game instead, hopefully these do work though, thank you! (Also small note: for some reason i am unable to remove the cube files as attachments from this post, so that's why they are still up)

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