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Gotcha Force model ripping, Help required.
Hi, I have been attempting to rip models from Gotcha Force for about a year and have had no luck with doing so.

The furthest I have gotten was extracting the files from afs_data.afs which included .arz, .arc, .tpl, .bin and .pzz files.
I have tried opening/extracting these .arc and .pzz files with every single program I have found that could possibly open these files and nothing ever worked.

Has anyone had any sort of experience with ripping from this game, or perhaps have any idea on how to retrieve this game's models?

Other notes:
  • noesis can't open the .arc files
  • ARCtool can't open the .arc files
  • any program that can open compressed files (Programs like WinRAR) cant open the .arc files
  • Poser can't open the .pzz files
  • Daz3D can't open the .pzz files
  • Assuming that the .pzz and the .arc files ARE the models, There is no such working way of importing the models to blender.
  • 3DXRipper and NinjaRipper do work, but the results are pretty broken. The models ripped from NinjaRipper are deformed, broken and don't even have rigs for characters. 3DXRipper does rip the models well but character models won't have their rigs. As an act of desperation, I had to fix up the models and re-rig them which came out decent but wonky.
Please help. Many thanks.
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