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Wind Waker VR (UE4)
(11-04-2019, 05:56 PM)Fourier Wrote: What kind of long-range locomotion are you using here? Portals or normal walking with a stick?
I feel like trying to jump across gaps physically should be really fun Big Grin
using joystick currently, I'm using the VRE which has a bunch of different movement options though. For anything that would make the player sick I have an out of body camera and you control link in a 3rd person fashion. IE: the spiny blade attack. I'm going to try to find ways to avoid having to use that style approach for stuff, but I think it's important at first I establish that type of set up so that vomit can be avoided.

As for jumping across stuff IRL... i mean if you think you have the space for it I could try and figure something out for that. I'm all about the options for players. 

I'm more excited to get sailing, gliding with the deku leaf, grappling hook, and hook shot put in. I already have the hook shot code ready from a spider-man vr project I'm doing and I think the deku leaf should be pretty simple. I have an ocean set up for the sailing, but I need to do a good chunk of work on the king of red lions before he's ready for sailing. The grappling hook I think I know how I'm going to do it, but ehhhhh I have a few back up plans in case.

Already figured out how I'll do wind waker and boomerang. Bombs and arrows are done from another project I'm working on. Bottles are already made. Telescope is easy, just need to optimize the material for VR. Same with Pictograph. skull hammer is easy to do the two hand stuff.

Sword and Shield I already made, but it's going to take me a little bit to get the melee the way I would like it. Will need to rig up, animate, and get some code stuff in place for ai to test against. Think I'll start with like a darknut because they're pretty simple. 

The thing that will take the most time is genuinely just ripping all the mesh files. I'm using haptyia's hd texture pack from the dolphin modding community for the in game textures, but i may need to reduce the sizes some more. Looks really good on my valve index I must say. Really pleasing to the eye.
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