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Randy & Manilla (Help for developing)
Yes, I started very badly with the Kickstarter campaign, with the project just started and without a campaign video it makes it impossible to reach €100,000. €416 was just budget to make a prototype with a level, 4 simple characters to make and some graphic touch-ups, I tried to imitate the success of the Yooka Laylee or A Hat in Time campaigns with a similar objective so that it gets closer to the quality of these titles, and it wasn't so.
Although I have Patreon, and if one day my project has a better development and looks more attractive, I can try again in places like Indiegogo.

But the most important thing isn't that, is I need support to get development material for my project. For example, I leaved a list of the characters that I have planned for the game, with all its basic features for those who want to design them and have an idea, and better with the sketches that I have in my Patreon.
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