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$30 for coatless Dante From DMC3
Dood, I freakin love Sticklove's page.
He has an insane collection.

However, his models are not optimized for Maya. They're more for XNALara. And I want to rig/animate these models in Maya.

His zip file does have an .obj with the model, however, this .obj is one solid mesh. I can't separate the Coat, the guns, or the sword. And if I use the Separate command, it pretty much breaks everything into individual planes.

That, and the textures don't work for the life of me.

Here's an example of what I mean.

[Image: MyIYhPh.png]

When I import the OBJ, I get a buuuuunch of nodes on my Outliner. These nodes appear to be the textures. But Hardware Rendering is on, and as you can see, there's no textures to be seen. You can also see that the model is one polySurface.

As beautiful as this model is, I can't use it for rigging/animating in Maya at all.

So my proposition stands, so long as I can get something that is Maya-ready.

And before anyone goes "aww man, stop being so lazy just separate the model, delete each plane of the coat, and regroup the parts you want together by themselves.

A. That's a lot of work I can be saving with $30.

B. It's literally impossible anyways, because the Coated Dante doesn't have arms.

[Image: EVt3s9H.png]

I imagine the "Coatless" version is accessible with a "hide/show" option that exists in XNALara for adding/removing additional mesh. Since the .obj is one mesh in Maya, the nude arms are... Gone? I can't seem to find them.
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