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Poll: Should I release the BF3/4 Assets to the public?
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Should I release raw BF3/BF4 FRD assets?
So, I've been holding a lot of assets back from the public lately. I have raw assets from Free Radical's Star Wars Battlefront III and IV! I've backed up the assets to my MEGA, I've been debating to release it to the public or keep it private. Which is why, I have started this poll thread. If all votes are a yes, the assets will be released, if all votes are a no, assets will be kept private.

(This will be my first thread to have a poll, if for some odd reason there is no attached poll, it be fine if you replied to this post with Yes or No answers)

(P.S. please don't punish me for this admins/moderators, if this post goes against any rules, please delete this thread if needed)
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Should I release raw BF3/BF4 FRD assets? - by SnackKracker - 05-08-2019, 12:15 AM

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