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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Model Rips
These are Unrigged N Sane Trilogy Models that i ripped using NinjaRipper on the PC Version.
[Image: fHfzLSH.png]
Some of the Textures end up being Pink when ripped as you can see with NGin's Hair. I am able to rip the remaining Baked, Color, Height, and Composite Textures using Cogmonkey's NSTtexture Converter. Unfortunately, the Converter is not good at Converting Normal Maps and they end up looking like this. 
[Image: oIS9b8E.png]
So any meshes that i rip that end up with missing Textures will have missing Normals. The Normals also come out green for some reason, so i inverted them to make them blue and added them as alternatives. Any help with getting the Normal Maps would be appreciated.

Here's Dingodile with Normal Maps applied.
[Image: EOotgcP.png]

All of the Model Rips will be Uploaded to my Deviant Art above. I will be uploading more in the mean time.
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