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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and .mrg format
So, I've been trying to get models from Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and I've given up on the pcsx2 methods. 
I tried the Ninjarippers while the textures came out in color, the mesh I loaded via .rip import extension on Blender it just came out flat like an image. Even did both front and back positions during the character customization in Quest mode. Now its two flat images on top of each other.
Oh, and 3dx ripper straight up won't extract anything. (I also tried this with VF4 Final Tuned on Demul and with Ninjaripper I pretty much got the same results)

So, I've tried to get models by snooping inside the .iso via PowerISO. looked up vf4files.cvm and used a .cvm to .iso converter and it worked fine. Each character has their own folder, even the cosmetic items from Quest mode have their own folder. Thing being is that the files inside are in .MRG or .MRG_GZ format. So I'm wondering if there's a .bms script for Quickbms or an import extension for Blender/3ds Max. Just anything that might convert or import these files. If not, then I'll just plain give up on Virtua Fighter 4 models. Not like I'm a professional at this stuff anyway.
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