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custom pokemon overworld sprites by PM, WIP
still working out some issues with angles, but i think it looks pretty good...
[Image: pokemonoverworld1v2gi9.png]
total time it took me to make...
16 hours, 45 minutes approx.
i need some ffedback to make them better, if you have requests for a pokemon, i'll strat a new sheet...
these are sprite singles, which means they do not move...
all pokemon are suppost to be facing at the same angle as a trainer on the overworld...

i need some feed back on the following...
are they all proportional to their respective size?
do the all have proper colors?
are they accurate in design?
do they have proper shading?
do they have good contrast?
do they look 3-D? (they are all 2-D, but i'm going for a 3-D appearence)
do any details look out of character?
do they have enough detail?
and, are they overall good? (a grade from A+ to F is what i'm looking for...)

comments are welcome...
critism is too... (please, no flaming...)
[Image: captainsoftheindustrysmall.png]
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