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What is the most accurate Sega Genesis emulator?
BlastEm. New, fast and accurate, runs on all 3 of the main PC operating systems too. It's also the first emulator that could run Titan's homebrew tech demos and almost perfectly unlike most emulators because they used a few undocumented tricks. Only things that it can't run yet are Virtua Racing (SVP chip game), Sega CD and 32X games however they are on the way hopefully in the future. Also it being early days, it doesn't have a good UI yet and so far it is running off a ROM (yes), plus you have to unzip since it doesn't support zip files yet.

(Just checked on their website and a new build is on the way with a new UI at the nightlies section, it can load zip files too!)

Second would be GenesisPlusGX. Not as accurate as BlastEm but its been around for a bit so its a bit more polished and it runs Sega CD games. Can't remember if Virtua Racing works. It's on the Wii but RetroArch has the latest version. No 32X due to the Wii couldn't cope and the author has no interest of doing it. Kega Fusion is still good but it is showing its age having problems with Windows 10 and chances are that it might not run the homebrew, still handy to have if you want to run Pico and 32X games.
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