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Crash Bandicoot N. Eurosis (fangame, co-programmer wanted wanted)
(01-02-2018, 01:12 PM)GWKTM Wrote: Howdy! I decided to start with a new fangame, this time a Crash Bandicoot fangame with Blender.

Dr. Cortex has taken control of the satellite, with which he's now able to turn inhabitants into his mindless slaves - or use it to some other evil purposes. With help of N. Gin, it's now equipped with a plasma beam, with which Cortex thought he could vanish Crash and Coco before beginning his operation. Just one hit and Cortex thought he finally got rid of the middling bandicoots, BUUUT, Aku Aku got them shielded with his powers. Once again it's up to Crash Bandicoot to put the end to Cortex's scemes!

The fangame I'll be making with Blender has Warped/WoC formula which consists of:
  • Warp room with 25 regular levels and 5 hidden ones (unlockable with relics)
  • ND's low poly layout on characters and some of the objects
  • Classic Crash with all of Warped's moves
  • All the good ol' elements from ND's Crash games from Wumpa fruit to crates
  • Bonus paths, skull paths and gem paths
  • Crystals, gems and relics (each one received by their respective ways)
  • Lab assistants
  • Five boss battles (Ripper Roo, Rilla Roo, Koala Kong, N-Gin and Cortex, order of first three might be changed depending how you prefer)
  • etc.
In addition, the game should be able to scale between resolutions (240p-720p) and aspect ratios (4 : 3 and 16:9).

I guess I could also reveal which environments I'm planning for game's levels so far: 
  • Slippery boardwalks in nordic forests
  • Swamp (Floridan ones for example)
  • Logging site (sometimes with beaver fortresses)
  • Desert surfing
  • Building's wall under renovation
  • Snowmobing
  • Mountain paths
  • Factory
  • Harbor
Here's the video of how I progressed with the template so far:

As you can see, there are few bugs and lacks that I need help with. To be clear, I need co-programmers and designers for level geometry and boss battles. The level environment suggestions are also welcome, as well as opinios about the plot. Later I might need co-modelers as well, but I need to see that myself first.

Speaking of the models, thanks to CRASHARKI, Mystie, sperhak618 and several other model and texture rippers. I now have the most of models and textures needed and I'm ready to buid a level template with playable Crash in it. There's just one more model missing: N. Gin's head from Crash Warped. Could anybody rip that one as well? Thankfully there are tools for ripping models from Crash Warped: CrashEdit and Crash-Bandicoot-2-Modelexport.

I already put this announcement to Blenderartist Forum, but in case they're not enthusiastic enough, I'm trying out this forum as well. My previous fangame Agent Hugo LA took me years to make cause all help I got was fandubbers and testers, so I really hope I get some further help for this one.

So if you'd wish to help, you can leave a comment here or contact me via

Thank you for your attention

PS. Which code I can write user icons with?

Crash Bandicoot and related content courtesy of Activision

Hi dude, I'm very interested on your project, I'm a skilled programmer, and learning GODOT Engine, as its free and open-source, if you want to migrate to this engine, I'm inside and thus we can learn it toguether!!!!
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